SamLogic Download Server
Download server for program files, and other types of files, from SamLogic Software.
This is a download server for programs and other types of files from SamLogic Software. Currently, this site contains downloadable files for the following products:
English demo and shareware versions
SamLogic CD-Menu Creator
- makes a menu interface for a CD, DVD and USB stick in an easy way.
SamLogic Visual Installer - builds visual setup / installation programs without any programming.
SamLogic MultiMailer - a flexible and powerful e-mail / newsletter marketing tool.
Swedish demo versions:
SamLogic CD-Menu Creator - CD/DVD menu designer application (swedish version).
SamLogic Visual Installer - builds installations for programs and documents, quick and easy (swedish version).
SamLogic MultiMailer - a versatile e-mail / newsletter marketing application (swedish version).
The setup files for the products above are all self-extracting installation files (.EXE) with full uninstallation support. The file size of the files above are around 5-10 MB each. All installations have been created with the installation tool SamLogic Visual Installer. More information about Visual Installer is available below on this page.
The Files - Where can I download?
All downloadable files on this server can be downloaded from this download page. Download links to the files can also be found on our main web sites (see the bottom of this page for more information).
Some of the files (currently the shareware versions of SamLogic CD-Menu Creator and SamLogic MultiMailer) can also be found at and in many other well-known shareware sites. If this download server is overloaded we recommend you to search for our products at a major shareware site. You can also wait a few hours and try again. Overload problems are often temporary. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Support
If you have problems to download a file, or other types of related problems, you can open our FAQ page (page with frequently asked question) to see if a solution to your problem can be found there. You can also contact us so will we investigate this further.


More details about the programs CD-Menu Creator, MultiMailer and Visual Installer

CD-Menu Creator - Autorun menu maker toolSamLogic CD-Menu Creator - Autorun menu maker tool for CD / DVD and USB stick
SamLogic CD-Menu Creator is an easy-to-use tool that can be used to design and make an autorun menu interface for a CD, DVD and USB stick (USB flash drive). From a CD menu, DVD menu or USB stick menu users can start programs (including setup programs), open documents, view pictures, watch movies, open web pages etc. CD-Menu Creator also supports interactive Adobe Flash animations, so you can create very rich menu shell interfaces for your users. And the best of all, this menu is opened totally automatically when the user inserts the CD or DVD in the drive! If you distribute the menu via a USB stick the user normally need one or a few key presses to start the menu. No programming skill is needed to use this tool. Click on the link below to read more:
> SamLogic CD-Menu Creator - More information
Visual Installer - Visual setup builder toolSamLogic Visual Installer - Visual setup builder tool

SamLogic Visual Installer is an installation software that you can use to build a setup / installation program for your program files and documents, quickly and easily. This tool can be used whether you want to distribute your installations via a CD, DVD, USB stick or the Internet. Striking graphical setup screens, and setup dialog boxes, can be designed that really gives a great first impression when the end-user starts the installation program. Visual Installer supports many languages so if you for example want to distribute an installation with Spanish or German texts it is no problem. No programming skills is necessary to use this tool, you can do all that you want in the visual easy-to-use editor. You can click on the link below to read more about the Visual Installer setup tool:
> SamLogic Visual Installer - More information
MultiMailer - E-mail / newsletter marketing toolSamLogic MultiMailer - E-mail / newsletter marketing tools for e-mail campaigns

Sending a newsletter is a great, and cheap, way to inform your customers about your products and services. But to get a good result you need a professional tool that can create newsletters that really get read and you need also a tool that can handle e-mail bounces, subscribe and unsubscribe requests and store statistics about you e-mail campaigns. The e-mail / newsletter marketing tool SamLogic MultiMailer can do all this for you. MultiMailer is a fast program that is run on your local computer, but MultiMailer uses also programmable web pages for some of the tasks that can not be done in the local computer, for example providing an subscribe and unsubscribe form for those who want to subscribe or unsusbcribe your newsletter. To read more, click the link below:
> SamLogic MultiMailer - More information


We have also freeware programs that you can use for free. You can also distribute them to other people for free. The latest freeware that we have added is the Image Resizer program, that can be used to resize and convert images (photos etc.).
For more information about our freeware, visit this freeware page.

Other resources

We have also a lot of general articles, documents and white papers on our sites that may interest you. They cover areas as Windows technology, Internet / e-mail technology and Internet / e-mail marketing. We have articles written in the following languages: English, Spanish and Swedish. Below you find some examples of articles (click on a link to read the article):

English articles:
  > Mobile E-mail: How to Create a Newsletter for a Mobile Phone & Smartphone
  > Using AutoRun with a USB Flash Drive
  > Free Newsletter Templates for Email Marketing
Spanish articles (the text below is in Spanish):
 > Enviar boletines de noticias por correo electrónico (21 ventajas)
 > Cómo crear boletines de noticias que aumenten tus ventas
 > Usando AutoRun en una unidad flash USB / memoria USB
Swedish articles (the text below is in Swedish):
 > Skapa nyhetsbrev som ökar din försäljning
 > HTML-format eller textformat, vilket är bäst för nyhetsbrev?
 > Mobil e-post - att skapa nyhetsbrev för en mobiltelefon och Smartphone
You can visit our main web sites (see below) to get a full list of all articles that we have published. Some of our articles exists also as printable PDF documents. You can freely print these articles on paper and share them with other people.

Our Main Web Sites

If you want to have more information about our products, read more articles or have more information about our company (SamLogic Software) you can visit one of our main web sites:
English web
Swedish web site:
In our English web site we have also product information in German, Dutch and Spanish.